It’s not often that I find myself in the position of thinking that something someone else wrote requires rejoinder. However, as I took a break from doomscrolling last week, I happened across a piece by Jeff Alworth. I’ve read Jeff off and on for a dede, and in my experience, […]

What Would Beer Taste Like Without The Internet? – A ...

Tanner and Co. Brewing Sauvage Nova Scotian Ale. Currently available at the brewery, $4.65/473ml Jeff Pinhey rolls through towards Winnipeg with talk of stereos and Stillwell and beer for me to try, and tells me about Tanner down at Bar Volo where we run into some acquaintances and split a […]

Review: Tanner & Co Brewing Sauvage

Black Gold Brewery First of Many 2021 Anniversary Dubbel. Currently available on tap for $7.00/473ml in Petrolia, Ontario Back in December, Ryan Fletcher gets in touch to ask if he n send me beer from Black Gold in Petrolia, Ontario. My answer, when people want to send me things, is […]

Review: Black Gold Brewery First of Many Dubbel

I’ve been watching Something In The Water with interest over the course of the pandemic. Launching a contract brand seemed like an odd move during a time when you couldn’t approach the LCBO’s individual lotions about sales and online sales for contract brewers were prohibited. Launching a Blackberry Vanilla Sour […]

Preview: Something In The Water Brewing Co

People’s Pint Brewing Co. Brown Beagle Baltic Porter is a collaboration with David Green. Available at the brewery for $8.00/500ml bottle. I’m propping up the bar, talking to Pietro and Ang, waiting for a ll with the publishers. I tell them I’m thinking about just reviewing things again; back to […]

Review: People’s Pint Brown Beagle Baltic Porter

Sawdust City Kraslice Czech Dark Lager. Part of a Lager Series 4 Pack from the Sawdust City Online Shop. $14.60/4x473ml in different Czech inspired flavours. ? One of the things I like about Sawdust City is Sam Corbeil’s endless willingness to experiment. The business does a nice volume trade through […]

Review: Sawdust City Kraslice Czech Dark Lager

Silversmith Black Lager. Available at LCBO $3.65/473ml and at the brewery in Niagara-on-the-Lake.? I probably have to shift some beers that are on the cusp of not being seasonal. This includes your Stouts, Porters, Tmavys, and Schwarzbiers. You’d be surprised how the last two tegories have taken on a life […]

Review: Silversmith Black Lager

Spearhead Sam Roberts Band Ale. Available from the Spearhead Online Shop in 473ml ns with discount for volume purchase. It’s somewhat odd to think that this is beer that was first available in 2014 at a festival that no longer exists, offered by a brewing company that has since changed […]

Review: Spearhead Sam Roberts Band Ale

Omnipollo Lorpan IPA. Available for $5.25/473ml through the LCBO or Craft Brand Co’s Online Bodega Since the last time I used the blog in any signifint way, the formatting has changed signifintly, so it’s nice to have a Hazy IPA that for once retains its texture as I’m figuring out […]

Review: Omnipollo Lorpan IPA

Rebellion Brewing Hoppy Pollinator Available only in the depths of the fimbulwinter when huginn and muninn screech in the sky and Fenrir sts about for loose scraps of moon. No amount of Danegeld n acquire it at other times in the year, and not even Grendel’s Mother bothered to stock […]

Review: Rebellion Brewing Hoppy Pollinator